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Billions of dollars are spent each year putting out fires and repairing fire damage. What if we could use a small percentage of those dollars to prevent fires from starting in the first place? Imagine a home built with fire resistant components, protecting the wood framing, wood trusses, drywall and materials such as carpets, curtains, and upholstery treated with a non-toxic and non-carcinogenic, green fire reactant.

There has also been a dramatic rise in dollars spent on the clean up of remediation of mold damage. What if we could also help prevent mold from gaining a foothold in a home in the first place? Imagine a home that would not support mold growth inside the walls or on the wall surface.

Introducing No-Burn®!

No-Burn® represents a revolutionary idea with a simple concept: No-Burn® removes the fuel a fire needs to burn. Wood, drywall, fabric, carpet and furniture can become highly flame resistant with the use of No-Burn® products. No-Burn® fire retardants and intumescent paints are a highly advanced line of non-toxic, non-carcinogenic, green zero to low VOC coatings.

No-Burn®'s products have been tested according to ASTM,  UL and other standards. No-Burn® fire retardant and intumescent fire reactant spray coatings may be applicable for almost all structures such as residential, multifamily, commercial, and more! All No-Burn® products carry a Class A fire rating.

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