• Products for mid-rise construction.
    Wood, R-sheathing and spray foam.
  • Preferred solution for fire protecting floors.
  • Spray-applied fire protective coatings.
    Expect high yields, short lead times from distributors and the support of a manufacturer who is focused on continual quality.
  • Premier architectural coatings for life safety.
    Build with fire safety in mind.

No-Burn® of Northeast PA provides fire and mold protection for residential and commercial construction. Dual purpose fire and mold protective coatings for use in new and existing construction are spray-applied in one-coat by No-Burn® of Northeast PA.  No-Burn® of Northeast PA’s owner, Shawn Prohaska served the fire service for over 30 years; a local certified installer for the No-Burn® product line, Shawn Prohaska is dedicated to helping those in need with his years of experience and service.

No-Burn® products are code compliant and are used in many projects ranging from: single family and multi-family residences to businesses, schools, assisted living facilities, religious institutions, and mixed-use facilities.

For more information, email No-Burn® of Northeast PA and/or call (570) 474-5330.

For manufacturer inquiries contact, No-Burn®, Inc. visit www.noburn.com or call (800) 989-8577 and ask for technical support.

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